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jeff bridges – maybe i missed the point كلمات اغاني


“maybe i missed the point”

i know somebody whose life is tough.
i help a little, but it isn’t enough
cuz i go an’ spend money on stupid stuff
when i know he’s strugglin’ to stay above.

an’ i have so many chances to be
the hero i believe’s inside of me
but i get busy and i get distracted
and i do nothin’ when i could’ve acted
i laid low when i could’ve stood high.
i said nothin’ when i should’ve asked why.
i saw somethin’ that i might’ve done and i didn’t,
a chance to speak my truth and i hid it.

inside, i’d like to believe i’m cool,
easy to love and hard to fool,
but i know there’s more i could’ve enjoyed.
sometimes i find myself thinkin’
maybe i missed the point.

so many times i turned down love,
stayed in the dark when i could’ve lit it up,
but every time i did take a chance
makes me happy when i’m lookin’ back

i’m not sayin’ my whole life feels like a joke
but i’ve been a master of mirrors and smoke
and i don’t wanna live
no mo’ without you.