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javier colon – my little girl كلمات اغاني


“my little girl”

(i can hear that)
you can hear who?
can you hear dada?
can you say daddy?
it’s daddy
(it’s daddy)

i was never the one to be on time
with anything in my life
and that suits me just fine heeeey
i was just having fun when i met my wife
waited ten years and now we’re having a baby
she said it’s about time

but when my phone rang
my heart stopped beating
when she said “baby i think it’s time”

get out of my way
i’m coming through
i’m about to meet my little girl
her momma just called
said we’re waiting on you
she’s about to make her way into this world

now i gotta tell you
that’s there’s nothing better
her cry is the sweetest thing i’ve heard
that’s my little girl

her first school play she’s got the lead
i’m proud as any daddy would be
she must take after me

now my flights delayed and it’s almost three
why does this always happen to me?
don’t they know i’ve got somewhere to be

from plane to highway
traffics going sideways
finally pull up and run inside

get out of my way
i’m coming through
don’t you know that that’s my little girl
she’s walking on stage
singing debut
and i wouldn’t miss it for the world

i ran through the lobby
and nothing could stop me
just in time to hear the single sweetest voice i’ve heard
that’s my little girl

now she’s all grown up got her own two boys
married a real good guy
she loves being a mom and wife

she asks me if i would stop by
her husbands outta town the kids are driving her crazy
i said “i know what that’s like”

but as i turned in
to the driveway
i can’t believe my eyes
smoke flames sirens
the kids were outside crying
the oldest said “grandpa mommy’s still inside”

ohhh get out my way
i’m coming though
don’t you know that that’s my little girl
neighbor said “no, nothing u can do”
but he’s not a dad so he don’t know
that i gotta get in there
she’s gotta be somewhere
if i die tryin i don’t care
cause that’s my little girl
(my baby girl)
that’s my baby girl

i was never the one to be on time
for anything in my life
but that wasn’t me this time
(i love you baby)
(i love you daddy)