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jakprogresso – malleus maleficarum كلمات اغاني



i put a pen in the pad (what), you shipwrecks is a wrath
then i’m swayzee in a president mask
premeditate deaths, then confess that i’m mad
high as heaven for men, this may take me a second to land (wooah!)
lord of trips, used to eat a horde o’ syd
just ’cause i was an adolescent rapper and bored as sh_t
then i learned how deep the mind’s forest is
went foragin’ and fell into a cave, of spores’ sticks
guatemalan caffeine res’ in the steno notes
paddington yellow coat, warchild jethro tull
red robed in a head stone rose
servin’ lysergic jello molds, h_llo folks!
strange energy personified
you do the last cut inside of a bag, bottom line
place mirrors, over hollow eyes (what?), the beat sodomized
vampire sugar daddy homicides (what the f_ck?)
bar_wise they can’t throw down (nah)
their punches sparklin’ like the king of pop’s one glove in motown
overlookin’ the shire at hilly view
known stoner, trees on the jacket, gilly suit

_ circular motion at a steady speed, it has no beginning and no end, the heavens are composed of ether!
_ your highness…