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ivan b – one of a kind كلمات اغاني


i’m too good with a pen
i’m too quick with the mind
i’ve been the coldest one for so long
anywhere i go it’s winter time
i got a vision you couldn’t dream of
real recognize real i’ve never seen ya
your flow is like vicodin i don’t feel ya
if you ain’t familia then you ain’t familiar

i put the ill in skill
i’m too real for real
i wanna make a mill
just to cook a meal
i don’t care about fame at all
my pain’s a pain, ima paint it all
treat these dreams
like a monday workout
one day i’m against it all
cause if you don’t see your dreams
and you don’t let them fall
how can you say you’ve seen it all
so the second i get it yeah
imma never let it leave
and every minute i’m living
i’m thinkin’ you gotta let me breath
pressure is building
but i gotta adjust to clutch
flow dizzy
head spinning to much
no time to waste i’m on my own pace
you sound like you got a mic for birthday
your best day’s my worst day
ballin’ with my hombres
handing out l’s every thursday, yeah
young crew from the bay
nothing ever come easy
when i said that i’d do it
man what’d you think i was doing?
studio sessions
and the summer’s freezing
i’m hungry but i see what i chose
sometimes you don’t eat
that’s just how it goes
every top always has its slows
but you know you coming up
looking back at your goals
they tell us we don’t got it, cause they see us on a roll
we the wave of every city
like we living on a boat
gotta risk it all to get it all
or you’ll be living broke
but you should already know
we are that one of a kind
we are that one of a kind