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iudex – lucifer كلمات اغاني



[verse 1]
i once knew a man
who went out with a shooting gat
in his foolish hands next to a few of his friends, got in to a shooting with a crew of ten
over the stupid game of “who’s the man”
a few of them started throwing gang signs to show off
then a brawl, red blood’s all over blue bandanas
then a few guns were drawn like anne-louis girodet
a revolt of 18, ten years of school, didn’t know too much lecture, but that it’s food or death
he wasn’t happy but adapted to the crack spot, a strive to accomplish
wanted a house with a pool
he lived his life in a bottle, constand blue, a g-nius, a lad in his best years, having his worst
for the better he yet seeks
he knew of this situation
this scene was his expectation, fifty/fifty was the chance to make it
in case this the last time seeing his parents, he’d place a
little money on the side to curb the pain
encoraged me, to make sure his ways were explained
before he has a brain less, like kurt cobain
it hurts to say it, but with his own words he said
that he feels the worst case’s close with no evidence, but a feeling, he was gonna die slow soon, like a two
and so he went into battles -ssuming he’ll go anyday

welcome to the
devastated state in your own built four walls
throat h–rsing screams, hot tears, drop on the knees
cry for god to steer
crashing sound when the soul breaks, when the responds your echo
alone and feared
and no way out
lucifer [x3]

[verse 2]
that night he struggled to sleep, a loaded gun under the pillow, protection for whatever will be, the air was hot like daenerys, the neighbors dog barked, he was scared of him, eversince he first got a glimpse of him on his sixth birthday in first grade
he thought “what is it worth being a thirsty slave of what hurts me?
i could be dead in the strike of an eyelid
can i exit this life without dying?
set a cheque on the side and then buy it?
in first place, it’s cash and then life without violence!”
uncomfortable sleep
next to photos of his uncle, fourteen years old, lost to the streets, got shot from one of his peeps, for money from weed, smuggled to the f-cking here street
the thought of him blurres, suddenly the smell of something that burns, it got even hotter
a dream of fire, arms feel weak, without them, mentality’s “no action”, he was a man of steel, but strengthless, like pictures drawn in early lessons, when he was nine years, elementary
a dream of life after all, he starts to be filled with fear and cries tears of ice
he lived bullets in his head
died bullets in his head
matterthefact, he went out – a bullet in his head
and then a man, named lucifer came and said:

welcome to the
devastated state in your own built four walls
throat h–rsing screams, hot tears, drop on the knees
cry for god to steer
crashing sound when the soul breaks, when the responds your echo
alone and feared
and no way out

[part 3]
“fear me, feel me, hear me, see me, smell me! burning skin! endless torturing!
here thee will never die! an immortal motherf-cker like death, or god, or a rebels heart, or a spirit! isn’t that what you always wanted? you fought my brother, fought my brother for nothing to die with?
now you will die tonight! i am the mightiest, i killed you before you knew that life is surviving it!”
he responded “i’m striving not to be afraid of thy
why would you take my life? why would you steal from me – or is it yours already?
am i your foolish pet?
you took the skin off me
took this kin off me
f-ck the sins i feared!
punished since i lived the f-cking life i hate, my struggle is i was thrown in a mud puddle to die and i tried to exit it!”
he woke up sweating the devil from the dream was still there over his head and said:
“do not forget your gun today, imagine if someone sprayed at you for the drugs you sell or a f-cking gaze”
he started laughing, the laugh echoed untill the man died, one could see the laugh in his mad eyes
he then tried to start his daily routine
wash his head, load the gat, pack the crack, the haze and the speed
amazingly his face looked relaxed
his pokerface skimask
he left home with a shiney necklace, swag that
he, jacked like magpies
lighted up a blunt, his eyes narrowed untill reality wasn’t seen no more
on the street a dog, driven over by a car, open body the first thing today to be seen was gore
he walked into the sun rise, his gun shines, the laugh rises in presence
he wasn’t scared of anything, so come try death, huh
his daily thoughts a prayer “and if i make tonight without a scratch
i will have to give god a chance;
enter church, p-ss the first row, p-ss the altar head down, heart beats slow and calm, thank him, no lies and hear him out
and hear his offer, close my eyes, smile, decline and leave”