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itsyaboih2 – tha zoo كلمات اغاني


i don’t expect you
to see things like i do
i don’t expect you
to be part of my views
but i accept you
just as you are who
and i respect you
just as you
welcome to tha zoo/
_verse 1
the cage is outrageous
i’m still going through stages
flipping pages
i know people’d
rather see me
sit in place but
i gotta keep moving
this voice is what i’m using
i know alotta times
it all sounds amusing
but my muse has been
not choosing a side
i want life
above all
and above all
stay alive
never have to take a dive
continue to fight
cause as a team
we can thrivе
i know right now
it’s hard to survive
we all feel trapped
on thе inside
feels like a prison
cause people don’t
wanna listen
and all the advice given
is to just never give in
and picket
i wish all i could hear
was crickets
cause this shows
getting ridic and it’s
simply cause of biggots
and the biggest
blunder is wondering
why hold a man down
8 minutes
gotta stand for something
or the fall’ll be infinite
if we let the system win
then we’re all complicit/
_verse 2
i predicted
that our world
would get crazy over race
the fact
authority needs to be
put in their place
and remember
that it’s their job
to make us feel safe
but they ain’t
it’s like they just
do it for fun
whats worse than a bully?
a f_cking bully with a gun
making everybody run
for the mountains
end of days
on it’s way
i’m just sitting back counting
how many crowds are
gonna stay shrouded
and right now
the impacts louder
than any man in power
so send in the troops
like a coward
and i guarantee
they’re gonna rally
to take down your towers
and that might be
me being figurative
but it’s our god given right to fight
so we commit to this
and it’s kinda nice
to see so many
people give a sh_t
there’s strength
in numbers
so we get
stronger by the second kid
to push up against
the offenses
leaving everybody tense/
_verse 3
there’s no joy
in what happened to floyd
now it’s got our world
torn and destroyed
all because someone
says all lives matter
then our lives scatter
cause everybodys
gotta have all their views
all over the place
and it just builds up hating
when the innocent lives
are what we should be
it’s not really about race
but if it takes a black life
to make a statement
crack the pavement
then at least
he wasn’t slain in vein
but anybody with half a brain
can see it’s insane
focus on the pain
and not the opinion
you can’t keep contained
that’s what’s keeping everybody strained
we gotta be one now
before time runs out
the clocks ticking
it’s been written
and everything we’ve read
is coming to fruition
my intuition
is never missing
and it feels like
i’m beginning a mission
to make ’em all listen/
welcome to the zoo

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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