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iotosh – cosmic trip كلمات اغاني


been feeling real f-cked up as of recent
as of late, my grades aren’t decent
find myself wondering why am i in school
what is the reason?
why the h-ll can’t i find a drive to do well
it’s not like i’m stupid, maybe i think too deep to do well
asking too many questions when i should be doing
funny how thinking bout my future leave me in ruins
always unhappy, just not always at the forefront of my mind
the only thing between me and my own demise is time
am i depressed, or am i just unfocused?
i think i’m going blind, losing sight of what’s before us
i’m losing faith in those around me, only a few in whom i’m relying
this is my plea for help , i’m dying
inside and only a few can bring me joy
cause this is terminal illness
and people say i’ll be fine, wah kinda pill this?
cause that is a lie i’m not close to believing
maybe i need to be more religious, or maybe something to believe in

i don’t wanna do this anymore x3
i don’t, no i don’t…