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inquisition – through the divine spirit of satan a glorious universe is known كلمات اغاني


through the darkness of skies and the aging of stars i shall rise as king
flourish from the one i shall seize the sun, i am mighty as fire
i am chanting to thee, lord inferno and king, ignite the flame

journey through stars is a journey afar in the cauldron of black

as the wisdom of one is the wisdom of mine, i raise the the flame
cosmic bodies above floating like gods, masters of the gods
serpent of the skies, lizard of the suns, thy creator of time
as i sign the pact and draw the seal i bleed for thee

so it is done as i summon the moon and grasp the sun
water in my hand and soil from tombs for infernal pact
fire fills the sky and lights the night as i chant the hymn
oh powerful one, oh lord of supreme i hail thee