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illogic – the missing pieces كلمات اغاني


listen – everything that’s lost isn’t always meant to be found, right
and some things that you find
are probably meant to be lost…

i found that life is what you make it, so i made it a song
for the world to hear, and, hopefully you’ll sing along
i found a loophole that leads to who knows where
let’s just hope the path revealed is a shield from all the grey hair
love can only exist if hate holds its hand
that origami box never unfolds according to plan
there’s a thin line between ecstasy and evolution
screaming silence: it’s the perfect recipe for revolution
i found that children are a blessing and a curse
’cause they reflect who you are – at your best and at your worst
i’ve looked above clouds and below sea level
searched the hearts of crowds with a fine tooth comb
i’ve dissected sound and found a rebel
broke down style til i was a mile from home
the days and nights, stage and lights, records and mics
show a road that i’ve trekked all along
wrong or right, my life’s the song i’ll perform tonight
just to show you that my light burns strong
i found confidence where cadence laid obvious
and amazed onlookers stayed captive as verses laid
i found my wife’s smile again and pocketed a precious stone
there’s nothing worse than being drowned in frowns when you’re alone
i found death, it rests between sleep and awake
proving that you live as much as you give, and to die is to take
where’s the bridge over troubled waters? i’m trying to take a stroll
as the rivers rush and waves crash to flood my soul
where’s the open doors, i’m tired of picking locks
and breaking windows, throwing rocks
and ticking clocks til the candle rekindles
where’s tomorrow?
i thought i found fragments in yesterday
remnants of imagination figments on which my kids can play
where’s desire?
somewhere between patience and insanity
can it be i found myself between humility and vanity?
wheres jawar?
i left him on a mountain shooting for the stars
hoping to land on the green and get his game up to par
i found what’s worth having is worth losing
and life is not worth living without a little bruising
if only i would have gathered a staff to take notes and jot quotes
to give me some focus and notice my thesis
i would have found that the puzzle was incomplete
but only i can uncover and insert the missing pieces
but only i can uncover and insert the missing pieces
but only i can uncover and insert the missing pieces
but only i can uncover and insert the missing pieces
but only i can uncover and insert the missing pieces…