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ice – t – somebody gotta do it (pimpin’ ain’t easy!!!) (12″ mix) كلمات اغاني


(feat. emanon)

[verse 1: ice-t]
my lifestyle is crazy, i’m luxury lazy
so much gold; that jewelry don’t faze me
cordless phone, eight or nine homes
girlies on my jammie with an ice-t jones
bank account booming, fast lane zooming
known around the world for my high post grooming
macks like a preacher, loves like a teacher
got a girl lives in paris, when i want her i beep her
too many clothes, got a rag top rolls
1.000 watt system, and my speakers are boseâ®
i kick it like a champ, i throught you knew it
though pimping ain’t easy; but somebody gotta do it

[interlude #1:]
[emanon] yo ice, they want you to be on lifestyle for rich and famous
[ice-t:] man, hang up on that fool!
[emanon] yo ice, what you’re doing with that fourth cord on the floor
[ice-t:] homeboy, that’s the carpet man!
[emanon] yo man, what you’re doing with all this money, all over this floor man?
[ice-t:] get the vacc-m, dude!
[emanon] yo man, there’s ten girls waiting in the bedroom
[ice-t:] they been there for a week, another day won’t hurt!

[verse 2: ice-t]
my thumbs are tired, just from counting cash
no more room in my diamond stash
filing my nails is such a tiring task
gold kn-bs in my benzo dash
five freaks just to comb my hair
monograms on my underwear
bodyguards around so please don’t dare
you’re taking a chance, if you just stop and stare
living my life is just so hard to do
making deals, a million one or two
buying new cars for my entire crew
matching ferraris, e’s black, mine is blue
can’t swing a lap in my pool because it’s just too long
could never go broke because my bank is too strong
no matter what i do, i simply can’t go wrong
and i’ll make money, i don’t need this d-mned song
but somebody’s gotta do it

[interlude #2:]
[emanon] you want this rope, but that go one ten thousand one’s twenty
[ice-t:] yo, i don’t care man, put it on the dog man!
[emanon] yo ice, what you’re gonna do, we got a house on parsberg, half built
[ice-t:] man, i don’t like it no more, tear it down, i don’t need no more houses!
[emanon] yo ice, gucci, louie and fila wanna sponser you
[ice-t:] man, i told you, i don’t need no more clothes
[emanon] man!!

[verse 3: ice-t]
when i walk in a joint, punks always look at me hard
because i wear enough gold to tie a dog in a yard
cold maxing in my mansion, so big it’s silly
got a butler named humphry and a maid named milly
mink sheets on my bed, that’s what i said
gourmet chefs in my kitchen so that i can get fed
so tired of sailing on my boat i might..
just helicopter to my jet and catch a midnight flight
so many girls in my book, it weighs a ton
gotta leave the d-mned country just to have some fun
private suite at the track to watch the ponies run
and there ain’t nothing in the world that me and e ain’t done
but somedody’s gotta do it

[emanon] yo ice, it’s brandal rays man, he wants to know can he hang out with you and e
[ice-t:] man, would you tell that fool! to get off my jamie man
[emanon] yo yo yo ice, your homeboy at marker show just caught up, wants to borrow some more money
[ice-t:] no problem! small thing to a gaint, cause somedody gotta do it!!