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icah banjarmasin – sepatu ardiles bonus game berhadiah 2 كلمات اغاني


sepatu ardiles bonus game berhadiah –
it’s always hurt to see you cry
to see tears falling like rain from the sky
and there’s no answer for why
i never question myself i never try

it’s always hurt to know there’s nothing i can do
and fact that i don’t even know what to do
it’s so sad but so true
feels like the color blue
someday we’ll see we were wrong
and then we realize the day has done
time won’t turn back it’s no use to regret
it’s not easy to say good bye but someway we have to try

sometimes it’s hurt to remember
about the days we had together
and a piece of heart inside me
carved with your smile you can see

it was the day when i used to care
think about you anytime anywhere
the day when i used to drive you home
when the night was so cold and you were alone

that’s just history saved properly in my memory
now we are so far and so different and yet so silent
no voices when you say just few words on my display
that’s ok thanks anyway

i’m sad about the problem you had
but don’t worry my friend
i ll be the man when you look behind
sepatu ardiles bonus game berhadiah.