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iamx – triggers كلمات اغاني


everywhere triggers
the screaming crows
people inside me

people i don’t want to know

everywhere haters
idiot heroes
the sun comes today but
the devil comes tomorrow

my whole life i thought
i would know what to say
but the darkness of reality
has stolen that away

you may lock your doors
you will never keep them out
everywhere triggers
everywhere drought

everywhere killing
the storm never ends
oil fields of fire
and f-cking head-chopping mad men

everywhere f-cking
small town cages and boredom-bred sorrow
and northern-bred hooligans

we work for freedom
the freedom to be
proud consumers with all our
perfect little trophies

there’s orchids around me
twisted and blood-drenched
everywhere chaos
freak shows and drug fiends

i see the world out there
through my t-tanium god
everywhere triggers
feeding the black dog

the shadows are talking
in razor sharp tongues
over in the corner there
i mistook them for someone