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i – 20 – little boy كلمات اغاني


little boy
(feat. ludacris & twista)

whats the deala, dominater, why ya squad get dominated, they ain’t sh-t
they ain’t sayin sh-t, they talking constipated, dude it ain’t that complicated
i ain’t gotta contemplate it, i am married to this money, i cant wait to consummate it
i date it like i hate it, p-ss it once i’m smashin, movin boulders of that snow
we gon turn this b-tch to aspen, straight up execution fashion, i will murk em,
i will lose you, i am built for this sh-t, and they don’t make em like they used to
imma fool, imma beast, imma animal, a monster, hit em with a hundred chapels
like i got the code of contra, oh i got that ruger pointed straight at your mudula
bet i get a hand in my face, cause n-gg- imma shooter, ask the lord for forgiveness
ask my daddy for his blessin, might not get another chance,
ain’t no time for second guessin, why the f-ck these n-gg-s testing, mista bobby said i’m made,
n-gg-s actin like their b-tches, yall squad full of tranny’s

i order all of yall to sit yall -ss down, i’m the winner by decision,
and yall just missed the last round, hear that b-tch in the back,
yea that’s the fat lady singin, dance with the devil, get smacked by a demon, you cant blame n-body else
its yourself that ya do it to, jumped to whoevers hot, switch ya sides like a rubiks cube
yall n-gg-s trifalon, you’ll never be a leader, your life is worth what i made off a verse with justin bieber,
i’m a force to be reckon with, drink for the heck of it,
stay at number one, ain’t for that comin all in second shiit,
meanwhile you n-gg-s all in last place, so do like shaquille o’ neil, and tell me how my -ss tastes, ill be dunkin on these rappers
tally up my flows, i be crossin over b-tches, and alley oopin hoes,
i be stealin all ya glory, and shootin all ya pride, whats a record like without a little luda on the side, nothin

feel the lightnin n the thunder come down, when the sun cloud, everybody better run now,
shoulda got up undercover somehow, young child, figure you could murder water broke
come come now, makin it brief as i’m elegant, imma veteran, and you don’t want me turnin you into a skeleton,
without a murder you can saw my aerial a song n that’ll be no second thought about a motherf-cker better than 20 years i been rockin it wit luda,
and forever he don been a sharp shooter, i-20 getting money from the jumpin,
if a n-gg- wanna jump in, get the barrel of a steel, barracuda while i’m off a bhudda,
you don’t want to bout to end up as a victim, if i ever catch you talking ill apac i knocked ill knock a n-gg- off,
it ain’t no problem, don’t n-body wanna see the thumpin it alone, when u clock it and i stop it and gone lil boy,
you cant compete with this style, i’m deep with the vowels, a demon i’m wow, freakish, a fowl,
don’t wanna side, with a skull n cross bone, caution, to you to keep out the reach of a child,
got the killers ready for the battle, just incase a n-gg- wanna shoot, got somebody for ya boss to holla at if a n-gg- wanna truce.
i don’t really think you knew what you was doin when you put your foot off up in the arena,
remember when you was only a misdemeanor, whoopin all you n-gg-s,
i might end up getting served a subpoena, because i’m too wild and true, better gone lil boy,
cause i’m too fowl for you, this here is lyrical molestation, child abuse.