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i – 20 – hennessey & hydro كلمات اغاني


hennessey & hydro
(feat. three 6 mafia)

[chorus: dj paul – repeat 2x]
got a n-gg- gone got a got a n-gg- gone
got a got a n-gg- gone
off that hennessey and hydro

[verse 1: i-20]
i’m droed out dead drunk and even off them ex pills
my foots alone could make ya groan and even give ya neck chills
i call paul hit up juice and now we on the jazzy t
i got my heat in case they creep cuz that’s just how these n-gg-z be
i’m slow motion slow ridin lookin for some slow head
you know 2-0 i’m eastside what i rep until i’m dead
7 deuce catalina all chrome and candy paint
and got my nerve to ask myself i wonder why these n-gg-z at
i’m so street i love the beef ain’t no way i’m endin it
so just in case it last long i bought me an extended clip
three 6 my other click and dtp is who i love
i’m always hollerin bout that dec cuz i’m in love wit where i’m from
so eastside throw it up rep ya side and let ’em know
got plenty sh-lls that i can give and ain’t afraid to let ’em go
hennessey and hydro got a n-gg- gone dog
my m-th-f-ckin lifestyle is more than just a song dog

[chorus – 2x]

[verse 2: dj paul]
i put the peddle to the medal then stop
point it out the window boy a big ol plastic glock
bullets richochetin man flyin through they car doe
stoppin in they bodies and explodin cuz they hollows
ballin off doin about a dollar and i got ghost
they was in a regal i was in a monte carlo
p-ssin on they cds thought they really wanted beef
now they back there bleedin from they head to they stanky feet believe it

[verse 3: juicy j]
playa p-ss me the green i’mma smoke it like a fiend
and i’m bout to pour some purple syrup and sip up on some lean
but its cool if you n-gg-z wanna take the weed and roooooll it
if you wanna buy the syrup and then poooour it
don’t be stingy wit the sh-t because i’m soooo legit
ain’t the type to take the weed and then hoooold it
juicy j the type to lick a blunt and foooold it
you can come by my crib and get soooooo lit

[chorus – 2x]