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i.m.p. (usa) – scanlous كلمات اغاني


[intro: cougnut and news reporter]
“excuse me sir, do you believe rap music is the cause of violence in the city of san francisco?”
man, i really don’t think rap music is the cause of it man, it’s the media
“did you know in 1989, street violence in san francisco has risen to an all time high?”
man, i ain’t even trippin off that man cuz i live on the streets, you know what i’m saying. i’m down with the streets
“do you live here in san francisco?”
that’s right. i’m from the 4.1.5. i.m.p
“excuse me sir, what is your name?”

[verse 1]
my name? cougnut, (the rebel) that’s maxin, plotting in my mansion
dressed in black
def rap king of assassin, taking out larrys, fool rhyming fairy, suckers that’s scary
nut’s not a sucker, i never can be that
you bite my rhymes, you get slapped, jack
rhythm flowing in my blood stream, rhyming like a rap king
back up fool, don’t even take a swing
bite me, lock it (like a pitbull) like a sick dumb fool, boy!
i’m from the new school crew, i thought that you knew
cougnut’s rising, surprising and advising true…game, knowledge from my brain
i might be sick, but i’m not insane
i keep thoughts cooking on the grill, they might be done…let me take a quick feel
they’re not ready, so let me keep flowin
get my mic glowing…from these lyrics
i’m straight blowin…down you sucka mcs
like a tornado: knocking out trees
i’m not playin, so listen what i’m sayin
sucka talk sh_t? it’s gonna be a sprayin
late in the night, i’m creepin with ill mannered dog
you wanna battle? then battle real hogs
battle it, no we can’t settle it
10 paces strapped, we’re gonna have to handle it
you’re not with it. i’m looking at your face
i’m loading my uzi, you better leave the place…real real quick
i knew you was a trick
try to diss the nut? i thought you knew i’m sick sick?
lyrics from the kingpin
battle with my first win
spray you with my mac_10
(get the f_ck out)
that’s scandlous!
(i’ll f_ck you up)
(yeaaaah boy)
that’s scandlous
(ya know i woulda got in my m_th_f_ckin lincoln and drove the f_ck off)

[verse 2]
sleepin in your bed, 45 pointed dead at your head; that’s scandlous!
narcs were at your place, searching for dope, they didn’t find a trace; that’s scandlous!
hitting for a beef (where at?) it ain’t 50 with no beverly; scandlous
(scandlous) scandlous (that’s scandlous)
scandlous scandlous (scandlous)
that’s scandlous
ill mannered posse rolling with me, c_o_u_g_n_u_t, that’s scandlous!
(hit me like a rhino) everything i say, you know that it’s final; that’s scandlous!
rollin for a gank, casing out a bank, posse heavy…strapped like a army tank
the year is the 80s, we’re dipping mercedes bm dubs, flipping crazy
(the top is down) i’m ready to clown
you ain’t from here? i think you better leave town quick
(say what?)
that’s scandlous
(yeaaah boy) (bass for your face!)
real quick
(say what?)
that’s scandlous!
(break out! before you get bum rushed)
real quick
(say what?)
(m_th_f_cka say what?)
real quick
(say what?)
that’s scandlous
(here’s a little something bout a n_gga like me)

[verse 3]
straight mackin under with my skeezin
(you f_cked my b_tch!) let it be the reason…you get mad boy
whatcha wanna do? you can’t box…without your whole crew
i’m down, a first round knocka
praised by many like the great king shaka!…zulu
never touch voodoo
i smoke ganji, jah!
i’m true too
getting paid; you feds can’t touch c
i’m legit, so why are you watching me?
across the street, surveillance out a window
watching maxacious drop his top on his (benzo)
you think i’m dealin but the studio’s cheaper
are you trippin because i got a beeper?
that’s the plug, the hook up where i’m sponsored
you want a dope case? come to my concert
straight raid, rush through the doors
you better bust us before it hit the record stores
keep movin cuz i dub madness
stay hyped on my jam that’s scandlous!

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