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huntress of stars – reborn, lustrated by heathen blood كلمات اغاني


as we forged across the wasteland
towards a preordained altercation with the crimson horde
those cultists of the sun
surely i had discerned those among my retinue
who embellished our sacred histories
as they were told and told again
such discrepancies i paid no heed
even as their lies eclipsed the truth
such ardor is inescapable, i surmised
when one commands a legion
built on want and fervor
the righteous indignation of those who, until now
were forced to live in fear

i held to this foolish notion
till that most fateful day i realized it was too late:
distressing news had reached my ears
that chilled me to the bone, tempering my desire
to lead this multitude, as i perceived what they’d become
for my followers, to whom i’d preached of wisdom had
in their zealotry laid waste to a settlement

i went to see with my disbelieving eyes finding
to my horror, a tableau of cruelty
bodies flayed and burned, hung like macabre trophies
decapitated and torn limb from limb
“what sin could justify such barbarity,”
i asked my devotees
eyes aflame, they replied:
“we bearers of virtue
do we not stand above
these ignorant cowards
who reject your teachings?
shall we not cleanse the wastes
of their impurities
that this land may be reborn
l_strated by heathen blood?!”