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holocaust – resident evil (snippet) كلمات اغاني


in the presence of my enemies
prince of the kings of earth
first begotten of the dead no repentance i bring a curse
sing the worse song a murder observer, new age messiah
sip juice from a papaya, stir the mix like jambalaya
guzzle nile fresh water from mountains replenish fluids
cyber gats, split your back so our rivers can run through it
ruin stupid mcs, unfinished synopsis
attack your metropolis riding triceratops’s
obnoxious, volcanic monster mount up and slither
i’ll smack you like a bear swats a salmon out of a river
shiver from the touch of frost, slip deeply into a coma
then i crack your partners head with a bottle of a corona
hold a pool stick steady while at billiards you fold
im intimately familiar with cold silver and gold
slow show something lethal earths like resident evil
knock your 20/20 vision to zero negative zero
while these people of the mist bear children of twilight
rhymes move, faster than flash ran, or time flight
my minds spike like sea urchins, serpents now get impaled
cross an nails, cause the greatest revenge was my betrayal
legendary vocalist, craft of lyric writing
absolute brilliance, flexible walking thunder
the dirty age plunder was destined to take you under
seven is the number, choking you into slumber
sleep for a thousand, every poisonous reptile
gatling gun arms spray walls and blow your chest out
inject sound into your spinal column emergency
and rewire your faulty brain circuity as a courtesy