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hollie smith - can't let you down lyrics


if you say come here, i will come
if you say stop i will stand still
if you ask me how, i’ll tell you why
so you understand, to make you proud
if you say it’s fine, it’s fine with me
i’ll do my best to make it fly
and if you say no i wiil agree
and soon find out you were right all along

with me so long, you’ve seen it all
too close for comfort, sometimes,
but can’t live without you
i will try to abide
i know i can’t let you down

when you call me on the telephone
i hear your voice before you say h-llo
and if you’re feeling it i feel it too
i know when things ain’t right with you
if yousay it’s fine it’s fine with me
you know me better than i know me
i want to say but you’ve
said it anyway..

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