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hillkash – foreword كلمات اغاني


[intro: rajan ram prakash]
man, don’t even feel like waking up anymore

[verse 1: auden lee hillman]
so what’s the book about?
i really wanna read it now
i really wanna read it now

and if you say tonight
you want me in your life
then i will be there

[verse 2: auden lee hillman]
your face right now
it’s really got me down
it’s really got me
so low

but i can do it too
you know i’m not immune
so baby we should both go

[verse 3: auden lee hillman]
wanna hear it all again
let the sound of rain come in
let the light of day come in
on an empty train
yeah you know i can’t complain
and man i’m just so glad i came

[outro: auden lee hillman]
just breathe in slow
just breathe in slow

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