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herman dune – the right path lays before me كلمات اغاني


the walking in the cold was like this :
fingers, ears, nose, numb all of them
the dirty sidewalk and everything, was a
sign i xould follow and know :
the right path laid open before me.
and if i had walked with your feet and your legs,
i would have felt like a very beautiful one.
same att-tude : i’ve got same nerves !
same language i’m writing, though i don’t
understand a word of what you try to say.
i know each word of those words was chosen
and rehe-rs-d a long time before i got into
the room and felt no-adapted.
so, from one place to another, from this place to another,
you can walk through the cold
and not just if you have planned to,
cause i can’t guess what you expect-
and from minute i know : the right path lays open before me,
though it doesn’t lead me anywhere in particular