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hemlock – fb marketplace music stand (oct twenty-six) كلمات اغاني


this most recent sunday
i woke up early, before my brunch shift
and i got in my car, and i drove
to streeterville, downtown chicago, and
picked up a music stand
from facebook marketplace for free
on my way i saw a man smoking a cigarette
reading the stickers put on one of those blue
curbside mailboxes
as intently as you’d expect someone to read the morning paper
deep focus, deep inhale of the smoke
i saw early morning young women
going to get bl__dy marys
eggs over easy
and when i finally pulled up to the apartmеnt building
that this man from facebook lived in
i got out of the car and i wеnt inside and let the doorman know i was there
and he buzzed him down
and when this man finally got downstairs
to deliver the music stand
he asked me if i was a musician
and i told him that i was
and he asked me what i played
and i told him guitar
and that i sang and song write
and he didn’t seem very impressed, and um
he told me as he handed it over
that the music stand belonged to a very famous man
and i asked him who it was
and he gave me a name
that i’ve already forgotten
it was someone to do with the chicago symphony orchestra
and i remember the word president being used
and i messaged him on facebook again
a day or two ago
asking him what the name was, again
of the man
whose music stand i now have in the backseat of my car
and paul hasn’t responded, yet
but it was nice to wake up early and it was nice to be
on the streets of chicago before most of the other people were even awake, and
to watch the sunrise
from the kitchen window
to beat the traffic
and to do something with my day more than just crawling out of my bed
before clocking in to work
and to ride with the windows down before winter sets in
so i’m grateful to paul on facebook mark—marketplace
and i’m grateful
to the man whose name
that i can’t remember
who i never met