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heavy trash - crazy pritty baby lyrics


i wanna sing about my sweet thing
a pretty little baby with a diamond ring
she’s got something that’s more than ok
sweet like sugar and creamy like gravy
gotta get it upside the head
yes i am
like a pritty little baby
[pritty baby]

mama never liked to be left alone
oh daddy, daddy, please why don’t you stay at home?
i said i got to go to work, tell me what’s going on?
she’s got to fly and the bird’s got the wrong
gotta get it upside the head
[pritty baby]
yes i am
’bout that sweet pritty baby
[pritty baby]

talk about a rumor a bad rumor too
chose it and the blues, man those chicks were cool
all through the ages and down history
good golly molly come on baby please
oh yeah
that’s crazy mama

your woman mr got a get a powerful home
got to get a shot over love rock and roll
please stop trembling i’ve got a twitch in my neck
b-b-b-b-been in a wreck

no listen here pritty baby
don’t you flash those eyes at me
’cause i know that we’re still going to be in the same spot tomorrow
and tomorrow, and tomorrow

do me baby come on one more time
because you know i’m so good and you feel so fine
i want to hear won’t have much luck
the gets the mind and the going gets rough
i look at baby and i got the say
crazy, yes i am
[pritty baby]
’bout you pritty baby
[pritty baby]
rock ‘n’ roll, upside the head

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