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harto falión - life scary !!! lyrics


this life is sh_t, but somehow i find it amazing
it’s all a maze and i’m just tryna find a way
to slow it down, ’cause everyday my mind racing
still sometimes i wonder if i took the wrong way
like a l, i had to face it and take the long way
and i ain’t walk a beaten path, i rather make my own way, always
we ain’t takin off, no days
feel like wale the way they hate, all day
ain’t no way i’m turnin’ round, now there’s only one way
i don’t hit the brakes, i can’t crash out
’til i max out, i can’t treat it measly
word to luckaleannn, i had it ’til i ease it
i’ve been patient, now i’m sick of sh_t and feeling queasy
all the sh_t we’ve seen, i swear they won’t believe it

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