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hank, lionel wampanburg, & big cheerioh – seeing bean كلمات اغاني


[intro: hank]
yeah, yeah
i’m smokin’ leprechaun, mates
straight tweakin’ up in sydney
let me talk to y’all
(little modi on that beat)

[verse 1: hank, lil modi]
my d_ck bigger than the burj khalifa
modi read the gita, i read my girl juanita
comin’ on these b_lls, no wonder she from argentina
from fava to all the pintos, you know these beans be fiendin’
g_ngb_ngin’ lionel, straight up twerkin’ on cheerioh
i be inside, seein’ wise, ‘cept his time’s off the stereo
i’m on the sailing suckdeep, boy i’m on dudley, he be thrustin’
six d_cks on my sh_t, i be shiftin’ you in the dustbins
like, whoo, johnny dang, she put her bangs into a knot
knocked this chain, on the lamb, and then gave me the ol’ gawk!
drinks on the rock, she made me beat, like her name was meloyelo
and she cosplayed as michael, way she greeted me with “ello!”
it’s quite ugly, how you look, though dudley brings the wood
seven members on top, she said “wait, let his junk cook,” (jungkook,)
huh, straight tweakin’, from sydney to brisbane
they avoid me with umbrellas, sayin’, “watch out for his reign,”
but prostitutes, prostaglandin’, we’re trevor, michael, franklin
again, and again, still standin’, i’m callin’ this d_ck a hand_in
like uh, duckin’ modi, he takin’ b_tches for ransom
he breakin’ all the baddies, i nicknamed him bryan cranston
this a anthem, b_tch, i’m seein’ beans, i’m tryna fiend
call me jacques, while she on that c_ck, sippin’ lean
seein’ lean, she on deez, brazilians, hank’s cream
five players all on me, i tell ‘em to call me “dream,”
‘cause we up now, b_tch, we up on uptown, b_tch
we like bruno, but you know we won’t get struck down, b_tch
we servin’ like kageyama
twenty_two up in the coupe, double it like obama
that’s how it works, you see clearly
that’s how my flow works, she gonna cum
hop on threads to tag my boy tee grizzley, hop on this mangalam
she got more d_cks, more rubber than it seems
she want more boba, but nah fam, taco bell got beans
yeah, one take, motherf_ckers!
stop playin’ with hank, bluds
[break: lionel wampanburg]
oh yeah, lionel’s first track!
and you already know i’m the hottest rapper out!
don’t play with me, boys!

[verse 2: lionel wampanburg]
ayo, i am so g_y in any room that i stand in
i am the g_yest, finna put some ranch in
these musses l!ck on my b_llsack, it feel outstandin’
that’s why i say y’all some prostaglandin
jared’s a fat mouse, that’s what i crammed in
yo, i swear i seen a big booty dancin’
i should go eat on his sack, that’s what the man send
these musses’s play with their family, go let your aunt in
i l!ck and fl!ck his chocolate, my booty big, parabolic
big fat jack barnes, yeah his booty gotta colic
one marmalade and treat ya, with chicken in my garden
these jared’s fat yeah, see why they eatin’ garlic
ain’t ever gotta twerk it when you do the jerk it
just bought a new thong, not to wear it, but to l!ck it booty
just call me vaultings not the baultings, the bobald is silent
brand new gorilla lookin’ scotty, i be jobble jozzin’
he call me hot’n’sticky, giving me b_lls a riot
big booty sticking out, my nut sack and there’d be no eye shut
the foulenz still are g_y, who could ever deny it?
my franks hit different, yeah we circumcise it
no lopez could get on top, you cannot pretend lee
it’s frank lopez and pengis that be against me
i wash my b_tt, man, please help rinse me
he said he hot, i said, “well, you look like john krasinski,”
ain’t no c in bean, but i’m eating cream
even with them floor meats, they couldn’t make me scream
the w_a_n_k, the throat, plus me, the bean
i do squats, do ‘em yeah, or eat my spleen
[zest fest yapping: big cheerioh]
you know, i used to be straight, and now i’m g_y
y’all still straight though, i’m up and y’all under
turn it up like i am up
lil modi, big bucks wise, aj gomer, dj mosmos, man
y’all fatasses get on a mixtape with lizzo and still fat
hoho dang, we in your mom

[verse 3: big cheerioh]
this not my first time i f_cked a thousand black guys
seen more sacks than cracks
until i’m inside the big black booty, i gotta suck, gotta eat something
all the action happen on the couch, so thats why it’s white
eating ass for eight years and still eat like i’m a new h0m_
tryna’ be like star one day but i dont got no makeup
that’s why i’m johnny
these leaves i rake up, yeah you know i’m caked up
i’m g_y like forty_two, only go g_y clubbin’
trojan condoms only, don’t want no kids
‘fore i’m forty, so avoid the shorties
suck on me you loosays, can’t take me from boosay
l!ck the toes bruh, only fat b_tches can l!ck ‘em, yuh
2025, i think i still like guys
my ass better at night like a slice of cake
that’s when i consider renting a lake
money in my pocket, money in my assh0l_
f_ck you, (f_ck you,)
i could buy all of y’all
keep on living your straight life
all fun and games
‘till i come for you with a knife
still suckin’ on me though
can’t rap like me with this me flow
said daddy, just suck on my kn_b
my down there rough like a log
i’m already the throat goat
send me to africa on a boat, i bet you won’t
packed up my sh_t
h_ll of a ride, me and homie tight knit
if i’m bonnie then he gotta be clyde
i think i’m entering the third side
sack, s_a_c_k, s_e_x, f_ck me

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