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hamzah – mistakes كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: hamzah]
when you look into the mirror
you see your own reflection
you improve what you did wrong
and you do your correction
you put your pen to your paper and start writing
you pack you things and leave your house forever
i said it was my bad
i did it wrong
so you forgive me
i put my hands together
and i pray to you god
its all sh-t
its all wrong
i shouldn’t have done it
ima keep doing this sh-t
yeah, i won’t make no mistakes when i look in to the mirror

[verse 2: hamzah
when i look into the mirror
i should see clean through
i had done no mistakes
that was more like a life
instead of stabbing people with knives
next time i look into the mirror
i should see clean through
to see how much i’ve done good
if i wanna see whether i done good or bad
i start to look into the mirror

[verse 3: hamzah]
jheeze, at times life can be a little pr-ck
haters can suck on my d-ck
writing different raps
you’re going down the tree
life is all about being free
you have your own life in your own hands
you take responsibility
mistakes can be good
cos we can learn from them
its what life is about
i have no doubt
i am gonna see right through the mirror

[verse 4: hamzah]
yeah, its my decision what i do in my life
i ain’t the n____ who stabs innocent people with knives
you look at my lyrics cos you can’t understand what i’m sayin
look at you haters, all i can see is you failin
why in life are there always mistakes?
we have to appreciate this life and god is the one that will choose our fate
we would never know when we leave this world
if we had our last moment, we would look once more in the mirror