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h.r.o – .kingz.throne. كلمات اغاني


i don’t even know what’s goin’ on right now
i’m sippin’ tech hard, bust open bacardi now
we don’t know what’s goin’ on but we listen to carti now
he wanna talk to me regarding how
i got his b_tch in a trap
i don’t even need her leave a gap
boy say he don’t even like my rap
boy post on his story like “what’s the hap’?”
man i hope you don’t get into mishap
i wonder who i put on the map
i don’t know i could at least five
and all those motherf_ckers still alive
how many of those motherf_ckers still strive?
as many that i could contrive
does that mean all of them?
yes, man, on my wrist all gems
my jewels growin’ like they got stems
look up to me like i’m from bethlehem
slumped on the couch watchin’ seinfeld
no one asked me how i ever felt
life closing on me like a belt
i’m giving in that’s why i knelt
with this life i’ve clearly dealt
with it all but i still stand tall
maybe it’s all that i could call
i’m being blocked off by this wall
f_ck this b_tch, i just gotta ball
cannot stop calling my phone
i hope i leave this hoe feelin’ so alone
but for you i hope you never on your own
my happiness to someone else like it’s on a loan
puttin’ this fake sh_t on like it’s a cologne
you woulda missed if you hadn’t known
maybe kings need some time off their throne