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guy mitchell - heartache by the number lyrics


heartaches by the number
guy mitch-ll
written by harlan howard

peaked at # 1 in 1959
remake by johnny tillotson hit # 35 in 1965


heartaches by the number, troubles by the score
everyday you love me less, each day i love you more
yes, i’ve got heartaches by the number, a love that i can’t win
but the day that i stop countin’, that’s the day my world will end

heartache number one was when you left me
i never knew that i could hurt this way
and heartache number two was when you -come- back again
you came back but never meant to stay

yes, i’ve got

heartache number three was when you called me
and said that you were comin’ back to stay
with hopeful heart i waited for your knock on the door
i waited but you must have lost your way

yes, i’ve got

transcriber’s note: -come-: logic and english grammar dictate that this should be “came”,
as in the next line, but mitch-ll clearly does sing “come.”

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