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gucci boy – pornstar كلمات اغاني


gucci boy:
here we go again
money with my friends
fiji water and a p-rnstar in the tub
baby you know w-ssup
she gone give it up
-ss fat in them jeans
it’s all for me (x3)

(verse 1)

fiji in my cup thats the beverage that im sippin
shawty wanna f-ck like a p-rn but whats missin
she dont like me she wanna f-ck me for my image
trust me shawty you wouldn’t like the life im livin
this feels like a dream her -ss in those jeans
all for me
i feel like fien im addicted but your bad for me
i keep comin back seein you like ads on tv

gucci boy:
(verse 2)
oooh yeah
money on my body
money on my toes
money on my woes
ice around my neck
turning sunny days to the cold winter
b-tch i’m winterborn, i could never see ya
baby i’m moving around
moving up to tokyo
moving up to london
baby come f-ck with the flow
cocaine on your nose
fairies on your body
baby i don’t ever love a hoe

she my p-rnstar girl
fiji diamonds and icy pearls (x2)

fiji diamonds and icy pearls(x2)