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grindhard e & atm alee – straight from cali كلمات اغاني


what up, boyscouut?
(boyscouut buggin’)

[verse 1: grindhard e]
plug got me paranoid, he sent the ’bows to me without the tracking
my weed is not michigan_grown, my sh_t came straight from cali
the sh_t i say is real life, they use my lyrics as a caption
everything i got on me is designer, don’t give a f_ck if i ain’t matchin’
this n_gga said he got ‘za, i squeezed the ‘bow, why it was harder than [?][0:17]
when he said the price, i should’ve knew that they was mid and he was cappin’
i ain’t gon’ lie, i love a b_tch with an accent
i love the taste of drank, i pour it up with a passion
before you pass me a blunt, please ash it
they keep askin’ where the drank, it’s gettin’ poured, if i sell it, then i’m taxin’
sh_t, i’m comfortable in the hood, that’s why i still stay on mackin
i can still tax with the weed i got without them packs in
told him i don’t sell pills no more, he kept beggin’ me, i gave him gabapentin
told him i ain’t had no more addies, i gave his ass some ritalin
my heart cold, i told my b_tch that i ain’t got no feelings
f_ckin’ up my t__th pourin’ the drank, now i got a filling

[verse 2: atm alee]
f_ck around with the green, it got the best of me
cookin’ up some big, big sh_t, i got the recipe
two hundred on the dash of the whip, it ain’t no catchin’ me
f_ck around and sn_tch quick, don’t get next to me
i just made me some money, i’m ’bout to bless the streets
five_seven hit a n_gga, leave a mess on his wheats
my hands in everything, i had to make some extras off the weed
you ain’t heard? i’ll buy the ‘bows if they extra cheap
i can get ’em sent to you quick for an extra fee
put some words on a n_gga head, get him stretched for free
r.i.p. dan, free freakyy t and my brother ri
young dog got some new strikers, i’m ’bout to buy his seats
two ks in the car on me, i’m slidin’ down your street
hang a n_gga upside down, ziptied by his feet
when this sh_t get hot, who gon’ ride for me?
b_tch talkin’ ’bout she love me, b_tch, go do the time for me
i’m feelin’ like durk, b_tch, i’m signed to the streets
n_gga better come and get a verse, my price gettin’ steep
you can see the plain jane on my wrist when i roll up my sleeve
b_tch suckin’ d_ck too good, she done made me pee
what the f_ck is you drinkin’ in that cup? it done stained your t__th
b_tch thought i was sleepin’ in a bed with stains on the sheets
fell in love with a dirty_ass n_gga, he got stanky feet
i can make twenty thousand in three days, i don’t need no week
he tried to run off with a bag like he don’t need his feet
f_ck goin’ to get a room, the crib got a jacuzzi suite
drink the purple for the taste, the green put me straight to sleep
f_ck a n_gga b_tch and don’t answer, make her hate me
i know a b_tch’d spend her last on an eighthy
i’m tryna f_ck you and your friend, i’m playin’ crazy
military_minded, move like the navy
(boyscouut buggin’)

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