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grid gremlins – delsym dementors كلمات اغاني


here, little grifflesnout. imbibe this newly brewed potion. it’s a special recipe

oh really, lord birkinop? what does it do? what’s in it? why is it purple?

ha, ha, ha. so many questions, my young gremlin apprentice. in time, your questions will be answered. for now though… drink


rip my skin away, (rip)
leave my bones exposed (rip)
black clouds fade away (rah)
rolling up my scrolls (roll)

i feel so much pain (pain)
as i claw my eyes (clawing)
i never want to sleep
and i don’t f_cking want to die

i become a ghost, haunt you to your grave (haunt)
hooded open mouth, you can’t see my face (hood)
give you kiss of death, drain your soul away (drain)
i can smell your fear, flowing in your veins (fear)

you can’t cease my hunger
and death won’t cease my pain

delsym in my sprite got me living in delsymulation
shawty suck my soul, we them dementors floating into vision
she gon hold me down like we guarding azkaban prison
quit saying we ain’t sippin on that wocky, b_tch i know we isnt

hit the 7/11 pourin purple in that slushy, mane
trippin off that dxm, lil b_tch i’m on another plane
i’m a motherf_ckin dextronaut, yeah i’m up in sp_ce
when i float in the room cold, ice up on my chain

(kiss me til i’m dead, baby kiss me til i’m dead
kiss me til i’m dead, baby kiss me til i’m dead)

snag, i’ve told you like 100 times you need to stop screaming right at the beginning of the song

i know, i know, i’m sorry, i_

you’re honestly scaring me a little, just think of how it’s gonna sound to people listening…

i’m just hype, ok? you can’t tell me you’re not hype for this, this beat_

i am hype! i am hype! but you don’t see me screaming about ripping my skin off and sh_t, we_ oh sh_t, i gotta start another verse. shut up!

demented off the syrup, yeah i’m in the night just floatin round
hybrid whippin in the night, it won’t make a sound
vandal takin souls, sippin that on tussin til i drown
howlin in the dark, black dog bussin out the pound
b_tch i’m him, i’m the grim, reaper tatted on my leg
drinkin meds out the bottle, i don’t sip from no keg
grid gremlins blowin up, you stayin shrunken like a head
delsym delirium, baby kiss me til i’m dead

(kiss me til i’m dead, baby kiss me til i’m dead
kiss me til i’m dead, baby kiss me til i’m dead)

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