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gregory and the hawk – peace like rivers (live version) كلمات اغاني


you lay it out on the grass and
tell me i’m gonna need new flowers soon
you let me up in the attics
say how the sink will have the best view
but i do

you lift the veil on the woodpile
tell me how it burns without asking first
you l!ck the blood off of your hand
say how i won’t have to worry i’m cursed
but i do

peace like rivers in a dream
i like that to mean
we’re right where we should be
that our prayers are received
peace likе rivers in a dream
i like that to mеan
someone else came between us and
when i’m down i can stay down

i turn our talk back to work now
say there are certain games i won’t play
you on your hands and knee cooing
can’t pick a card any card so won’t you
i do

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