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graveyard bbq – creamskull boogie كلمات اغاني


ladies and gentlemen, it’s boogie time

livin’ on the edge in the city tonight
we’re gonna paint the town red, gonna start up a fight
it’s time to drink up, shoot down, raise h-ll, get loud
a path of destruction is paving its way
i got that creamskull boogie, baby
what’s your jiggy tonight? yeah

flirtin’ with trouble at the end of the bar
she’s giving me those sinful eyes, coming back for more
i got a fist full of dollars and i’m ready to play
and my train’s runnin’ hot and it’s comin’ your way
i got the creamskull boogie, baby
who’s your jiggy tonight?
grind on this

back in my pad, chez russell estates
where the music’s pumping loud and we’re drinking real proud
now the cops are busting down, summons me to court
well, i don’t give a f-ck, never stopped me before
i got the creamskull boogie, baby
that’s my jiggy tonight

working hard, playing hard, name of the game
i got the steam rolling, blood running through my veins
i’m just a rock and roll outlaw living each day, yeah
so listen, motherf-cker, just get out of my way
i got the creamskull boogie
and that’s my bag for life, yeah