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graham kendrick - the servant king lyrics


am e fmaj7
from heaven you came, helpless babe
g c f g
entered our world, your glory veiled
am e fmaj7
not to be served but to serve
g c f g
and give your life that we might live

c g am
this is our god, the servant king;
f g c g
he calls us now to follow him
c c7 f
to bring our lives as a daily offering
b7 c g c
of worship to the servant king.

there in the garden of tears (girls)
my heavy load he chose to bear;
his heart with sorrow was torn,
yet not my will, but yours he said.

come see his hands and his feet, (guys)
the scars that speak of sacrifice
hands that flung stars into sp-ce
to cruel nails surrendered

so let us learn now to serve,
and in our lives enthrone him
each other’s needs to prefer
for it is christ we’re serving

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