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grace abnormal - home lyrics


verse 1
today i take a step
it won’t be much
something small
honestly it might be getting out of bed
lotta road left to walk
gotta be kind to my legs
clear the mirror off
no more hiding from what it reflects
that’s me
won’t deny i’ve made mistakes
selfish in my isolation
pushed people who care away
betrayed my mother
by letting her daughter’s mental health decay
betrayed myself
by ignoring the steps i know i need to take
and all this is gonna change
but it’s gonna change slow
build the house brick by brick
know what they say about rome
build myself some windows
so i could see the sunset
feel the light on my skin
feel the weight off my back
right now the house is rotten but it’s destiny ain’t set
long hallway to the door but i got a lot time left
doesn’t matter the direction i just gotta make a step
this house is not a home cus i ain’t made it one

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