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goldenboy countup – left me in the rain كلمات اغاني


(tommy ii)
n_ggas left me in the rain, n_gga, no umbrella, n_gga
know what i’m sayin’? (n_gga)

[verse 1]
n_gga, uh, n_gga, they left me in the rain
i’m smokin’ blunts back to back, n_gga, that’s how i ease the pain
told cuh, “n_gga, i wanna rap,” he said, “you need a chain”
n_gga, we done won the championship, we gotta get a ring
b_tches trippin’, n_ggas actin’ different, but that’s what it is
f_ck n_ggas doin’ the same sh_t, but i’ma chase these mills
golden speak that sh_t to a n_gga, give a n_gga chills
n_gga, i really grew up ’round junkies and drug deals
different n_gga, real expensive n_gga, smokin’ real dope
skrrt, skrrt, that’s that fish scale, n_gga, that good coke
if she ain’t gon’ eat this d_ck and f_ck me good, then what this b_tch for?
if she ain’t on the road takin’ risks, then let this b_tch go
spiffy n_gga, real cool n_gga, yeah, i’m a fly n_gga
b_tch, i’ma f_ck you and your friend, i’m not a shy n_gga
i smoke loud, i don’t do no drugs, i’m not no high n_gga
i’ll pull up on you with your b_tch and make you cry, n_gga
stars on the ceiling in this b_tch, i was in the bucket
golden shades darker than a b_tch and he wearin’ a bucket
n_gga, quarter million ain’t sh_t, jit, i been touched it
n_gga, cuh, i can’t wait to get them m’s, but i can’t rush it
chill, golden
chill, golden
matter of fact

[verse 2]
n_gga rushin’ to my cracker, n_gga, i gotta feed my buddy
pulled up at the trailer park, n_gga, my tires done got muddy
i ain’t f_ckin’ none of my exes, all them hoes done got ugly
n_gga, i’m f_ckin’ on a b_tch from the back, doin’ my dougie
somethin’ changed, n_gga, i was sellin’ p’s, now i’m streaming
i’m the same jit, n_gga, you know golden still scheming
if they stop buyin’ my music, you know fiends still fiending
but they keep buyin’ my music ’cause that sh_t have ’em dreaming
uh, real street n_gga, i’m authentic, i just be myself
five hundred p’s just dropped, i don’t need no help
he always think he right, so i’m playin’ that n_gga to the left
n_gga, you can’t switch your hand up when them cards dealt
told them n_ggas i done signed a deal, i ain’t bein’ different
if my n_ggas on some dumb sh_t, i’ma get to shifting
n_gga, i gotta get these f_ckin’ m’s, n_gga, i ain’t switching
told my b_tch, “b_tch, you gotta slide if you keep b_tching”
n_ggas got more jewelery ’cause i’m really takin’ care of my fam
i can tell this n_gga a real rapper, he don’t know ’bout gram
cuh, we was pullin’ up on bikes, now we in them lambs
me and d was talkin’ ’bout this sh_t when we was in the ram