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goddess fiji – queen elizabeth is dead كلمات اغاني


( verse 1 )
now let’s put a crackhead face on my bread
many people wish but there is no bounty on my head
print all the money with my face
who cares anyway elizabeth is dead
& i just hope the pope is next
im controversial? you think?
maybe i just want you to think?
ain’t no blood, i just want you to link
f_ck a set, i just want you to dip
blues dancing in my hands, think i want you to crip?
im leading you on, i just want you to slip
i’ll make a p_rn, bennet i want you to clip
all the fans be like « i want you to hit »
my ex still be like ; « but i want you to sleep »
b_tch is finally dead, still woulda wanted you to peep
no conspirations, i ain’t off f_cking speed
im selling more then i am rolling weed
you believе in god? i hope you trolling me
for the wеak mass, no controlling me
i sold white to cops, i grew with cracks ain’t no comfort to me
( verse 2 )
queen elizabeth is dead, ya
queen elizabeth is dead, ah
my opps wish goddess was dead, haha
im a millenial, what the f_ck you thought?
i don’t care bout dinosaurs
i was a child with drugs
i don’t care bout love
i was a child with thots
i don’t care bout death
i was a child too numb
i betrayed em all
i was a child too dumb