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genocide – echelon كلمات اغاني


[verse one: genocide]

i woke up to a knock at my door
so i looked out the window and guess what i saw
black truck, black suite, most def’ not the local law
put on my clothes and i ran down the corridor
out the back yard and jump over the fence
hard pump adrenaline and i’m running out of breath
unaware that the government follow my every step
i’m a threat, the feds tapping my cell phone and internet
it’s like eagle eye, without the fiction
codename genocide, echelon encryption
signal intelligence, voice recognition
got rid of the phone to avoid transmission
take the back rounds, head down, break loose
and tails all around, no mistakes, no clues
found a farmhouse so i chose to recluse
switch on the t.v. my face on the news
i gather my thoughts, figure out the situation
can only get worse with the false accusation
photoshopped pics and fake doc-mentation
saying i’m a cell with terror affiliations
wanted in relation to various events
but the crooked allegations got no evidence
see, i got the information the government resents
so they want to shut me down with a phony pretense

[interlude: reporter]
genocide, the international war crimes tribunal has charged him with separate counts of crimes against humanity, and violating the laws and customs of war

[verse two: genocide]
i woke up first light at the break of dawn
got fed, cigarette, ready and i’m gone
secret service, cia, pentagon
want the wheat(?) corn(?) activate echelon
hit the road, undercover and protected
i got a plan, to the city i’m directed
i’m paranoid, but don’t want to be detected
gotta avoid cameras, remain unexpected
made it to the capital, television premises
got a disguise with a falsified alias
no black suites cops in my radius
six o-clock news i’m a say it the way it is
top story says i’m down with the taliban
that’s when i rushed in and roughed up the anchor man
shut the f-ck up, genocide’s in command
forget the media, they lie for a few grand

[spoken: genocide]
hey, you better keep those motherf-cking cameras rolling
i don’t need no teleprompter
i come here with a message

[verse four: genocide]
ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you
they don’t want me to tell you, the real enemy
the same regime and elite that k!lled kennedy
the same cats with the nuclear weaponry
up in the groove(?) and burning bodies and efergy(?)
you ain’t free ‘cus your liberty is limited
groundhog day will exhibit that you’re living it
forget the president, you ain’t met the syndicate
the system is intricate like the one eyed pyramid
control grid, kid we need to counteract
and devour the bilderberg superpower pact
from the cfr, new world order, and pnac
enact new laws while your leaning your seat back
they got body scanners, cameras on every corner
chemicals, poison, contaminate the water
kids fed pills get a mental disorder
the aura is ’84 mixed with gomorrah
wake up from the comma, the misconception
that your government cares be a false perception
wake up to the lies, -n-lyze and question
right then echelon began the interception

[interlude: reporter]
he was one of the world’s most wanted men, until now. police arrested him shortly after he entered the country. he was using a different name, but genocide is behind…”

[verse three: genocide]
swat team rolled up and said don’t move
must of been about twenty gats in the room
camouflage kitted out, military platoon
i’m like spit it out, you ain’t got sh-t to prove
they put a bag on my head, i’m in the back of the booth
no judge, no court, when the prosecute
we commuted to a building i see the black suites
with guns ready to shoot, they murder and execute
strapped to a chair, they ready to interrogate
i stay silent, refuse to corroborate
they waterboard but i still won’t communicate
it’s to late to debate or escape
i overheard that a plan was contrived
-ss-ssination but to look like a suicide
back in the (?) to the place i reside
a bullet in my head, with a gun by my side

[outro: reporter]
tonight i and many investigators got a call here after someone found the victim inside the home. investigators say the victim is a man in his twenties. right now we are calling this a death investigation with suspicious circ-mstances