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gasp – meth lab fire كلمات اغاني


a life goes sky high
cut the card not the peanut b_tter
the sun is up

lips wet all night
explosion heart and the fire follows blood
no mirror now

one buck
will work
one time
no straws
helicopter and 2 cars at 5 a.m
back garage wh0re not laughing

headquarters burn with smiles
and cries

(?) on the floor
wide eyes and jaws side to side

not the only time
pulse is in the freeway

respect is due to the flames now
smell the burning sweat from them
burnt plastic bags empty and full all over
smoke looks like a skull and hits the sun

my homeboy is on fire
but my sh_t is on fire

straw in a blue pocket
but no f_cking bag
scars on wrist and nose
back of the car and one time had a full bag and a straw
a life goes sky high
guess we’ll all die
one time and their f_cking straws