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gaerea – dormant كلمات اغاني


sunrise has shaped the city
these streets have sculpted my mind
alone he rushes without sorrow or love

a grinding smile
teardrops depict his face
within the rainbows tale

the beauty of a sharp edged field
unveiling the unreachable treasure
where others behold the wasteland
listen to the wind devouring the golden strings
a wandering life of joy and grace
thank lord, for the man who is perky
he who sings of a bright morning

consumed by the golden waves of ecstasy
pain throughout the mundane night
he treads on pierces of shattered glass
i detest the skies for they enlighten this being
he who knows nothing but his will
he who melts his flesh
as his hopes lash away

the great myths of men
tomorrow’s blistering child

the undying agony of not knowing
the insatiable path to ignorance
under the deepest nightmare
i let myself wonder
whose shadow walks that path?
mine or his

on their very last will
we shall shift the tides
we just want to feel the flood…
the rivers causing the soil to avulse
unpleasantries of human existence
the abolishment of suffering
may he rip these walls at last
within the beat of a pathetic pulse
this won’t matter to them as everyone’s gone
to abolish his venom towards his kind
he shall crawl through the passage
a wrenched servant
a vanquished carcass

to exist in this world
misunderstanding yourself
let the universe hang your corpse
the authentic therapy for your dormancy
self_hypnotic dirge

the potential of everlasting fulfillment
conscious mastery in leading d_mnation
the pursuit of what’s already lost
the dormancy in a shackled nightmare