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fukksailor – toxic كلمات اغاني


talking that sh_t
can get you hit
i dont wanna talk
i wanna hit l!cks

i ain’t got time
for a dumb b_tch
open yo mouth
and ill give u a stitch

you look like a f_g
easy to tag
i dont like to flex
but sometimes i brag

yo homie a b_tch
he gon get hit
yo momma a b_tch
she gon get this d_ck

i walk around
wit them big sticks
if u talk sh_t
ill burst out a clip

pull up on yo block
wit them big sticks
we might just shoot ya
or f_ck on yo b_tch

i ain’t got time
for yo bullsh_t
talkin that sh_t
imma end yo whole clique

ridin around
in foreign whips
we ain’t talkin strippers
we pop out w sticks

imma pop some f_cking oxy
all u b_tches h_lla toxic
dont give a f_ck if im c_cky
imma show up with a glocky

all u do is talkie talkie
but u never f_cking walk it
all imma do is just mock it
u talkin sh_t so lets c_ck it

im of the gas like its rocket league
im at the top ain’t no stoppin me
mosh in the club like we vip
i got yo b_tch she on top of me

u know we smoking that broccoli
stop talking sh_t, dont f_ck with me
we do what we want call it anarchy
got me a baddie she f_ck with me

i dont wanna talk
imma just fight
boy talking sh_t
call it goodnight

i got the blade
like wesley snipes
pull up on yo boy
and k!ll him on sight

its dark in the night
pull out the schyte
talking that sh_t
u better hide

we know u lie
catch me outside
talk to yo homie
and make sure he dies

boy talkin sh_t imma end him real quick
glock in his face
b_tch suck on this d_ck

i dont wanna talk imma end him real quick
f_ck yo whole gang
we pull up with sticks