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free rock – the battle of baytu كلمات اغاني


somewhere in the desert is a hot spring
steaming all around, synthesizing
why does it appear appetizing
maybe it’s a truth i am finding
somewhere in the desert is an army
looking all around just to find me
maybe you were better off in hiding
there will never be another true king

everybody waiting in the prison
everybody answer to the warden
maybe influence his decision
do not interrupt the tunnel vision

“i don’t wanna go back to the hills!
i don’t wanna go back to the hills!
maybe i would rather rot in prison waiting for my death than getting k!lled!
everybody else i know is dead
everybody wants to quit instead
i just want to walk with buford’s head!
i just want to walk with buford’s head!”

everybody’s freed by the bagman
everybody’s headed to the cow_man
everybody’s looking for death’s hand
not another day shall he stand
everybody moving with a groove
groovin’ on the way to baytu
groovin’ on the way to the cow_man
praise the young maruchan man
on the edge of baytu
i am waiting for you
(we are coming in stride!
no more places to hide!)
i am son of a god!
maruchani blood!
nearly everything)

prisoners clear the horizon
bullets fired and battle begun
where did this new army come from?
betrayed by my only son
now i see things perfectly clear
bagman has no business here
somebody’s breached the castle walls
and now it’s time for me to fear

somebody is coming up the stairwell
who it might be i can’t tell
who it might be is rock
suddenly my heart stopped

orbiting my brain is a shadow
waiting for the man on the plateau
king buford is dead!
did you hear what i said?
maruchan man, it’s me
am i your new king?
sitting on the throne
i feel so at home
maybe it’s time to be
somebody they can see

so the maruchan man
appeared right before me
and he reached out his hand
said to follow his lead
so we left this old spot
traveled time and sp_ce
and they called me “free rock”
back on guyamar’s face
but the man said to me
“things are much different now”
and although i agreed
i did not realize how
i had changed every life
every young, grown, and old
when the maruchan man
sent a wave passed my soul
when i opened my eyes
i could not see or hear
but with all of my strength
i would too persevere
and become that king rock
my long awaited fate
with the power i hold
i will open the gate
calling sp_ce jamaica
atlantis one and two
to behold such a force
let the portals consume
and the worlds would combine
in a shattering fold
as the maruchan man
sent a wave passed your soul

i can see ahead of me
building up in front of me
look at a family tree
and tell me what it is you see
something is a part of me
i have become everything
maruchan is all of me
who am i if i am me?

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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