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alright, welcome to rappertag, this is fraksha. big up brad strut over in london. [?] urthboy and 360 for kickin’ this off. lotta people been askin’ if i’m gonna spit on a grime beat. that’d defeat the whole purpose of this really, so we’re all gonna stick to the same beat. i’m gonna call out the next man. i’ll tag a smash brothers crew. murky deps, diem, scotty hinds, shoutout to byron
yo, yo

so let me k!ll the cypher here
find another rapper like me, well that’s kinda rare
i might be rough around the edges, it don’t matter
still keep it smooth likе a girl with no v_g_n_ hair
i fire bare arms each timе i splurt on beats
work the beats like a cleaner, work the dirty streets
shout my peeps out in richmond and abbotsford
slough town, all the boys, and can’t forget the dirty freaks
you wanna grab the digits off my dog and bone?
bail me up, but all time i tell them that i’m not home
and that i’m not alone, so i’ll catch you on the road
or i’ll catch you at a club, and i’ll gash it in your throat
yo, and let me tell you what i’m [?]
this is somethin’ that you should already know
chattin’ this and that about best rapper in the country
stop the discussion, it’s diem, trust me

so brad strut called me out
he’s a king of melbourne, so i’ma call out an ex_king
bias b, it’s on you

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