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fragile vastness - obliged to suffer lyrics


i’m trying to remember
the time before the sun sets with me
we were destined to be together
though the time is not the same

all that i see late at night
bring a morning not so bright
the pain is unbearable
the inactivity of the mind

i look into the mirror
i see your crime
long knives and open scars
noone believes your lies

nighttime and i feel you approaching
i feel your energy into me
although i try to avoid it
it keeps on coming back to me
her wet lips step my breathing
and i know i want you

i hear my name
she’s calling me from a place i’ll suffer
whisper like h-ll’s wind
is touching my ears
it’s trying to rape my fears

eye to eye
i’ll give an end to my mission tonight
although i want to stay
eye to eye
you were feeding me with lies

eye to eye
i see a picture of love
eye to eye
i was obliged to suffer
without myself knowing why

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