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fishboy - a surprise return lyrics


a surprise return
my christmas tree came back today
angry he’d been thrown away last
last december

my christmas tree knocked on my door
and told me ’bout the trip he’d taken back
back from the landfill

i told him i was sorry and i didn’t realize
christmas trees have feelings just like you or i
so i shook his branch and i apologized
and we played ping pong in the bas-m-nt

my christmas tree came back today
told me he had nowhere to stay
so i offered him our guest bedroom

now our christmas tree’s been here for weeks
i’ve not the heart to ask him to leave
he’s the worst houseguest ever

and the moral of the story can be said like this:
christmas trees, they never wanna call it quits
so before you throw your tree out
chop it up to bits and have a happy new year

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