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fish eat cat – identity crisis كلمات اغاني


i was just floating along
through the currents, whisked through the winds
reassurance i could’ve been him
pushing carts through the lot
a race track was built in my mind
with the wood from the temple
slash and burned, to make haste of time

[verse 2]
after all of these years
suffocating through your hugs
but you meant them so i let you go
conditioned with you as the judge
how long have i bent my knees
for fear if i’d change i’d displease
all the ones who’d adored me
to end up disposed in a wildfire no one elsе can see

[verse 3]
i thought i was floating a long
but i was still clipped to the tree
a hanger at thе back my of my neck
where the elders could stand back and
all watch this person they’d crafted
scared to step out of the sh_ll they were granted
’cause i don’t want to lose the ones i love
sometimes, i get scared
the things i write will spread into the air
and my secret thoughts will get exposed
and used against me

i’m done

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