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first aid kit – a window opens – live at the old queens head كلمات اغاني


the window opens i hear the toddling waves
i think about the soldiers, i think about the interstates
i would like to leave it all just for a week or two
maybe i’d see it in clarity, whatever i would see

it’s all so confusing, i don’t know where i stand
i could be anything but not yours on demand
i would like to leave it all if i only could
maybe i’d see it in clarity if i’d see anything at all

but the birds they are singing that sweet and lonesome song
oh mother oh brother
take me home today

you may call me irresponsible or even carefree
but it’s not the way i intented to be
i would like to stay here and not say a word
maybe i’d see it in clarity, or i’ll see nothing at all

but the wolves they are howling that sweet but haunted song
oh father oh sister
take me home today