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fire when ready – a funeral with wedding vows كلمات اغاني


h-ll knows that i’ll appeal
how you lost your smile
the sky filled up with tears
and the earth shook with the sound
of clicking boots at killing pace
marching through the street
where the children used to play
and the tyrants used to sleep

and all we ever had
was sinking in the sand

a right to use force is a party
(in its own right)
and all the invitation we needed was to know
that the desert was dry,
and thirsty for a drop
we’d seen it all before,
its been a ghost we couldn’t stop

and i’ll follow you lead
cause your the only lead i have
to a wedding party, with bodies in the sand
but to see you face, will usher my last breath
out of my lungs, and lead us to our rest