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fields (irl) – death and the early house (windmill lane session كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
there’s a deluge at the foot of the citadel
beside a slowing harvest the patrons know too well
i’m just trying to keep my head from the cold
i don’t want to catch my death before i’m old

[verse 2]
whispers of salvation do the rounds
saving daily sorrow from being drowned
praise be with the lord for this blessed win
still all the silent men are staying in

[verse 3]
it’s getting hard to hear over the heavy hum
of language spilling forth from damaged lungs
too late for me to retreat to a higher stool
too early to tell the prophets from the fools

[verse 4]
there’s a woman confiding in the times
crossing words to the rhythm of red wine
she tells the barman of everywhere she’s been
still all the silent men are staying in

sirens ring out across the midlands
silence breaks as the people join their hands
communicating to a power higher than the cost of living
[verse 5]
and the last one to see you to the cure
will be the same one to dress you for the gods
in the end you won’t hear anything
oh but the silence of staying in