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fellatia g – rule 34 كلمات اغاني


rule 34
cruising in his blue porsche
it’s a cruel world
i’m a dirty wh0re
vore gore horse p_rn
pick your category
real florida girl
acting h_rny
calling every brony
choke me
like maddy and nate
daddy had a taste
yeah i sat on his face
then he batter the cake
get my booty hole ate
call it mutual aid
i love the way he doing it all night long
i’m one student loan payment away from
detonating a pipe bomb
he laid the pipe on me
he paid it off for me
it made mе so h_rny
he taking the bait
i’m a big troll
i’m a trick jump scare no rick roll
i’mma l!ck i’mma hump on his d_ck holе
i’m a b_tch i’m a c_nt suck my nipple
i’m a witch this a spell it’s a ritual
i can help redistribute all his wealth
trickle down from your d_ck into my mouth
keep it cute but you know that i love filth
rule 34 (x 8)

six nine tryna get mine
six four get your d_ck hard
f_ck me harder
sounding like a r_word
sorry i’m an edgelord
sonic the hedgehog
raw d_gg_ng spongebob
you got what i want
take me shopping
yves saint laurent
then he ate my c_nt
in the french restaurant
filet mignon
menage a trois
i wanna see a minion
rimmed by danny davito
a trio with dugtrio, pikachu and chikorita
there ain’t n0body freakier
cheekier sneakier
daddy come here
ayyy b_tch
let me whisper in your ear
secrets that’ll put me on a watchlist
make bomb threats
get swatted
i’m his goth b_tch
wetter than the loch ness
splish splash
when i hop up on his c_ck b_tch
the way he break my back in half
the things i wanna do to him
pump the p_ssy like fracking
he so attractive
suck him sack to head
i’m addicted to hentai
like notice me senpai
rule 34 (x 8)