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fckmaine – kellmode كلمات اغاني


tatstic’ santana
aye, aye, aye this the plot don’t get inna young n_gga way

aye aye
aye this the plot we tryna get to the money don’t get inna young n_gga way, we tryna

aye this the plot we tryna get to the money don’t get inna young way
we pushing p’s, selling them lil ass grams
yall boys need to get up yall weight
kick the b_tch to the curb don’t got no trust for a ho like a young n_gga andrew tate
don’t beef with yo’ brother, get money together, he ain’t with the plan should’ve knew he was fake
betta’ guard your hustle, too many snakes inna grass tryna take it from off of yo plate
but i ain’t going for it, i got me a glizzy, a n_gga come play then im uppin’ the rate
im already broken, my brother been gone so im waitin’ for a n_gga, im uppin’ the k

im outta’ my mind n_gga, im slangin’ that iron n_gga

s4k man, every song you hear my brother name man, long live

[verse 1]
im outta’ my mind, im slangin’ that iron, a n_gga come play then im scoping the scene
i post inna trap got boxes and wraps, we gettin’ it off just me and my team
im sippin’ real drop, i get it from pharm’, yall better stop sippin that d_mn fake lean
you ain’t a real trapper, let them thru the front, they go thru the back if they be a fiend
im chasin the guap, you know i can’t stop they be like peep maine that n_gga be clean
they hittin’ my line she think that im cheatin’, she look at my phone every time that it ring
this ain’t r&b, but i got a choppa and i caught a opp, i made that bih sing
he wanted a front, i look at him, i asked that n_gga, ”what the f_ck do you mean?”
smoking thrax, getting racks n_gga, that be my persona
inna’ lake, ridin’ inna lac’, feelin’ like daytona
long live markell, if you speaking on his name im just gon dome ya

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